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24 Hours in The Hamptons

Hey there friends! Life has been crazy busy lately so this is very long overdue, but a in February I got the chance to do something I’ve wanted to do even since before I moved to New York City…GO TO THE HAMPTONS! We were there for a very short time because we had to be back in the city on Saturday, but it was the perfect amount of time to get out of the city and discover a new place.

The Hamptons, short trip, February

I understand it’s February but going to The Hamptons in the off season is awesome because it’s cheaper and less crowded. I feel like we had all of Southampton to ourselves. Of course I tried to plan everything to a T beforehand, but since I had Maxwell there to influence me, it ended up being a half planned/half spontaneous trip, and we learned so much about The Hamptons along the way. Read on for our experience, our tips, and how we spent our time living our BEST life in The Hamptons.

We stayed in Hampton Bays (it’s slightly cheaper)

The Hamptons, short trip, February

Our airbnb was a little basement apartment in Hampton Bays, which is between Westhampton Beach and Southampton. After talking with our bartenders on Friday night, they told us it’s a cheaper place to rent than Southampton, but perfect because it’s still really close. We loved the location, our host was super nice and easy to work with, and she gave us a late checkout which was super nice. If you’re looking for a cheap place to stay in The Hamptons, we would totally recommend this! I will say though, the ceilings and shower head were lower than average which is tough if you’re 6’3″, but I was fine 🙂

West Hampton – Claddagh Restaurant & Tap Room

The Hamptons, short trip, February

This place was so fun, so lively even in the dead of winter, there was live music, and the bartenders were SO nice. They reached across the bar and shook our hands and asked our names. We were floored. Their beer selection is really good and the atmosphere is really fun, while still being relaxed. 10/10 would recommend, and Max even said that Claddagh is one of his top 5 bars of all time, and thats how you KNOW it was good.

Southampton – 75 Main

The Hamptons, short trip, February

If you want $80 brunch and $15 mimosas that aren’t even filled all the way to the top, this is your place! If everything in the Hampton’s is exorbitantly expensive, then this place fits right in. I will say, our meal was AMAZING, and we got to evesdrop on two men discussing how the difference between a $15 million and $18 million house is really immaterial. Also there was an adorable Ralph Lauren clad baby with a higher net worth than I, at the table next to us. So all in all, worth the $80. Wait – probably not. But…cute babies, evesdropping, and mimosas make me very happy so I’m fine.

Southampton – Sant Ambroeus

The Hamptons, short trip, February

A local told us to go here, it’s a little espresso bar that’s also a wine bar and restaurant. ‘I just saw Hugh Jackman there this morning’ she told us. Apparently she’s also seen Sofia Vergara and JLo there on separate occasions. So, put on your fancy/rich/famous person attitude and try to not freak out over your $26 glass of wine – you’ll be in good company.

Little Shops (Everywhere, but these specific ones are in Southampton)

The Hamptons, short trip, February

We went shopping in Southampton on Saturday morning on Main Street, and this is always my favorite part of small towns. Max is such a champ about shopping with me at all the little boutiques and jewelry and candle shops when we go to small towns. Our (ok, my) favorites in Southampton were Hildreth’s (pictured above) and Therapy, both your adorable small town boutiques. We met Kelly, the owner of Therapy, the night before at Claddagh, and she’s the cutest and has the best style! Please go check her store out if you’re in Southampton

Southampton – Tates Bake Shop

The Hamptons, short trip, February

Have you ever seen those Tate’s cookies at Whole Foods? I’ve loved them for a while and buy them occasionally, but I had no idea their original bakery was in Southampton! I had to get a cake for my friend’s birthday that night, and when I realized we’d be near Tates, I ordered the cake from there. It was the BEST cake I’ve ever had, I’m not even joking. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I think that’s why I liked this cake, it wasn’t overly sugary, it didn’t need to be because the flavor was so good. If you’re near Tates I would highly recommend their cakes. AND the best part was that it was only $36! The one non-overpriced thing we bought to eat all weekend.

Southampton – Meadow Lane

The Hamptons, short trip, February

If you’re into real estate, or imagining what it would be like to own a $58 million house, take a drive down Meadow Lane. The average home price on this waterfront street is an astonishing $18 million, but in our vigorous googling of every house we passed, we found some that were well over $50 million. We drove around this neighborhood for well over an hour, and we loved every minute of it. #noshame

The Beach!

The main reason most people flock to this town in the summer is the BEACH! We did not spend much time here because it was so windy and about 40 degrees, but the beach was beautiful and the waves were huge. There were a few surfers in wetsuits on, which really confused me, but it was too cold for us to be there longer than 10 minutes. 

The Hamptons, short trip, February We had so so so much fun on our little getaway, and I cannot wait to come back here one day. Long distance can be super hard, and it’s important to find a retreat every once in a while. This trip fit that bill 100% and The Hamptons are a really special place to me because of that. So I hate to say it Max (or Mom or Jenny or Lauren or whoever else I drag out to The Hamptons next), but there’s a lot more $80 brunches where that came from.

Do you have a special place you love to visit near where you live? I’d love to hear about it! Thank you so much for reading!

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