Philanthropy is a huge part of my life and something I’m so passionate about! I especially enjoy working with organizations that focus on human and social services, so many of my below recommendations are orgs that focus on that. Read on to learn more about my experience with local nonprofits and ones I recommend working with!

Nonprofits I recommend working with in New York City:

  1. Hope For New York – This is a christian nonprofit in New York City whose goal is to community development, and social, spiritual, and economic poverty alleviation.  They distributed over $2 million in grants in 2017 to their affiliate nonprofits. My church partners with HFNY and there is always plenty of on the ground volunteering to do, as well as fundraising events like 5ks and other community events. Before christmas we volunteered passing out toys to underpriveleged families, and helping the wrap them for their kids. It was such a joyful experience. You can learn more about volunteering with HFNY here
  2. New York Junior League – The Junior League is an educational and charitable women’s organizations aimed at improving their communities through volunteerism and building their members’ civic leadership skills through training. It was actually founded in NYC, and we work with over 20 community partners in Manhattan. What I love about Junior League is that each organization we work with gets both our time and our money. We feel strongly about being involved in an all encompassing way, and that’s very important to me. You can learn more about joining the NYJL here
  3. SCAN – A non-profit youth and family service organization that provides a variety of integrated supports to the highest risk children and families of East Harlem and the South Bronx. I volunteer every week at a SCAN community center reading with my little mentee who I love so much. You can learn more about volunteering at SCAN here.  

Nonprofits I recommend working with in Dallas:

  1. Junior League of Dallas – You saw my spiel about Junior League above, but when I lived in Dallas I was also involved in the Junior League. The JLD is actually the largest Junior League in the world which I think is really cool! That means there’s SOO much opportunity for service and for making good friends 🙂 To learn more about joining the Junior League of Dallas, click here
  2. Videre – Videre is the organization that I went to Ghana with. They are a micro financing organization that empowers entrepreneurs in Ghana to provide for their own needs and the needs of others. They teach a series of business classes to the entrepreneurs before they receive their loans, to make sure they have the ability to be a responsible and well equipped business owner. I loved my time in Ghana teaching business classes! It was an amazing experience that you can read more about here. Also, if you’re interested in a trip to Ghana with Videre, and have a business degree or business experience, click here
  3. The Storehouse of Collin County – My church, St. Andrew UMC, started this organization many years ago as a food pantry, and it’s actually housed at my church, which is so cool that it’s totally woven into the life of our church. To volunteer with them, click here!

I got the privilege to go to Africa on a mission trip last year, which you can read about here. It was amazing and I loved it, but when I got back I had this very clear sense that it was not my calling to be a missionary in Africa (I swear I really did love the trip though). But it was very clear to me that there was a reason I went to Ghana 2 weeks before I moved to NYC. My heart was stirred for missions but not in the way I had thought. I feel very called to serve in any way possible, exactly where God has placed me – in New York City. 

Sometimes when I’m wandering around New York City, or sitting in my bed feeling lonely, or wherever I am, I find myself asking, ‘why the heck am I even in New York City?’ I love New York, but this is a hard place to live, and it’s not always fun. I sometimes wonder why I made this huge, challenging jump, away from my family and lots of my friends, to come to a new scary place. What’s my purpose here? Why does God have me here? I really think a lot of it has to do with how I get to serve this city, and I feel my passion for serving those around me really exploding since being in New York. 

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